About Us

About Us;

Just a little information behind the breeders, my name is Valerie Murray, me and my husband, Trent love golden doodles! A LOT!! My mom bred Maltipoos and my sister bred golden doodles since I was 7 so I have seen my fair share of puppies being born, the care needed for the puppies and for the momma dogs, I have helped my mom with the maltipoos since I was 13 and realized I absolutely loved getting to raise these puppies and saw just how much what you do in the first 8 weeks truly shapes the life of that puppy forever! Me and Trent decided in early 2018 that we wanted to breed golden doodles and so we bought our first 2 Golden Retriever puppies; Sophie and Piper and we brought them into our family. Then, Trent found Sadie and just couldn’t resist, and so then we had 3 Golden Retriever puppies who we love very dearly.  And that, is how we started our journey as Cedar Creek Goldendoodles.



We started breeding them when we were engaged and have just fallen in love with the breed and with all of our Golden Retriever mommas. We thought with their ages that they would space out the puppies but on our very first litter ever, all three of our Goldens had puppies within one month. So we had to raise three litters all at once and let me tell you it is not easy. But it is so rewarding!!

I get to spend a lot of time with all of our pets and with our puppies as I am a stay at home dog mom! (Best Job Ever btw) 

I get to give these sweethearts my full, undivided attention for the most part of the day and that is part of what makes our puppies so special! I begin working with them with early neurological stimulation at only 3 days old, beginning ENS and creating less easily stressed puppies. I also give the newborn puppies a few minutes of cuddle time each day. 

When they get to about 2-3 weeks we start with their socialization skills, letting them check out new surfaces, play with a new toy every day, constantly keeping them enriched and keeping their little minds busy.

3-4 weeks we will work on the fear factor, at this point they have no fear, only startle reactions so we try to adjust them to as many things as possible before they learn to be afraid. We start with dropping a book 3 times a day at random points and just letting them startle and recover before praising them. This just ensures that they don’t have fear of thunderstorms or loud noises that they aren’t used to.

5-6 weeks; this is a very critical time in the puppies life because now they are fearless, loving pups.. who want to just jump on you and love you to death every time they see you! We teach “Manding” which is basically where we will not acknowledge the puppy if they are jumping or barking or whining and wait until they have sat down and are being calm before we give them lots of love and treats. This teaches so many things to a puppy, for one it will teach that jumping on people is not okay (with a dog expected to be around 60-70 lbs that is such a big deal), it teaches them not to beg, and you will forever have a calm, patient dog.

We also begin separation training and crate training at this age. Puppies are born in large litters and from birth, all they know is their littermates and mom, and me of course. So we will start with taking them one at a time from the crowd and letting them eat and play alone or with only me. We will start with letting them eat their meals in a crate, letting them play in their crates and just overall teaching them that a crate is not a scary thing. 

We love our dogs, very very much. 

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