Piper and Winston's "Bridgerton" litter

We've decided to use Bridgerton (a new Netflix show and my new favorite) as the theme for this litter, and will be updating this page with letters from Lady Whistledown, the shows mystery gossip writer. I have had so much fun writing the first Lady Whistledown and honestly can not wait for the next few weeks!!

                               I am overjoyed to announce that our                                    dashing Winston and beautiful miss                                    Piper are to be expecting a new arrival                                at the end of the season! These two                                     lovebirds are both fully health tested,                                 their lovely puppies will be 55-65 lbs,                                  they will have apricot to red fur or                                    black fur. With this being the very first                                 litter of the year as well as the first

                 for quite a while, everyone is over                                     the moon and waiting very impatien-

          -tly to meet them!

      As always, I will continue to keep you                                 updated as new information unravels, 



        Lady Whistledown


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