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Puppy Training 101

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House Training

How to house train a goldendoodle, isn't that the question just about everyone has? Whether it's your first Goldendoodle or you are a long time doodle lover, house training is a huge deal in every household. I have put together a little "essay" for all of our new goldendoodles puppy owners that explains what we've done already and how you can continue to build on what we started.

Here at Cedar Creek we try to give your pup the best leg up we can into all things house training, we start letting them eat at certain times of the day, let them out often and keeping them on the best schedule we can. We never reprimand a puppy for having an accident in the house, that can be detrimental to the puppy's trust and social skills, instead we place the blame where it belongs, on us. See, I read a book when I was younger on potty training and it started with a chapter on training the trainer, which makes so much sense because we are the ones that let the puppy outside at certain times and we are the ones who are going to be responsible for knowing the schedule to have you particular puppy on. So instead of reprimanding the puppy, I remind myself to let them out a little sooner next time and that usually does the trick.

Regardless, when the pup goes home with you, it is essential that you continue to work with your puppy daily to ensure that he/she gets potty trained quickly.

Rule #1 in potty training is consistency, you have to have a very consistent routine of when puppy goes potty and when puppy eats, how long they get to run and play. Once your puppy settles into a routine, potty training can be a breeze. I’ve included on a separate paper the somewhat-schedule we have your puppy on right now, it is not quite as concrete and solid as we would like but with 9 plus puppies with all different bladders, it’s hard to have every one of them on the same schedule.

Rule #2 Learn their habits. For me it has always been every time the puppy wakes up from a nap, take it outside. The moment that puppy starts to get up and walk around it needs to go outside, and every single time they will go potty.

About 20 minutes after your puppy eats it will need to go potty. This is why, at first anyway, you will need to know when your puppy is eating, so you can always be one step ahead and know when to take them outside.

If they are in a crate they won’t pee in their crate, dogs are natured to where they know not to potty in their sleeping space and especially in a crate that is the right size for them. Your puppy’s crate should always be big enough that they can sit and their head not reach the top, and they can turn around with ease. You should definitely get at least a size up from what you think you will need as most crates come with dividers to bring down the size of area the puppy has and then your pup can grow into the rest of the crate.

That brings me right into my next section;

Crate Training

Once your puppy goes home with you they will have been introduced to a crate and should be sleeping in one at night. But they may still be slightly apprehensive about getting in the crate. For the first few days every time your puppy gets in the crate, give them a treat. Start working on a command to get in the crate and reward them when they obey. For instance, say “Sophie, crate time.” And put them in the crate, then give them treats and lots of praise (puppies love praise). After a little while when you say “Sophie, crate time” they will start to get in the crate on their own, every time your puppy gets in the crate, if it’s bedtime or if they’re just looking for a place to nap, always give them praise and treats. Your puppy should be in it’s crate whenever they are not being supervised, this means after every play session, if they’re ready for a nap, and most definitely at night time while they sleep.

Your pup should be sleeping almost through the night, only waking up maybe one time through the night. When they start crying in their crate nine times out of ten they need to use the bathroom, you can walk up to their crate to show them that you hear them but wait for them to quit crying before you let them out. Otherwise, they will begin to have a mentality that if they cry enough they get their way and no one wants a whiny puppy.

Your puppy should be on a schedule as mentioned before and they should have a very solid routine.

6:30AM - Wake up, go potty

6:45AM - Eat

7:00AM - Play until he/she crashes

7:30AM - Crate time

8:30AM - Go potty

8:45AM - Play

9:45AM - Crate time

10:30AM - Go potty

10:45AM - Play

11:45AM - Crate time

12:00PM - Eat

Now, of course, that’s just a rough timeline and you’ll have to see how long your puppy plays before crashing and how long they’ll sleep after, so on and so forth.

Hope this helps some! It's not much but I figured it would introduce you to some training rules I like to follow and help you understand better what we do at Cedar Creek Goldendoodles.

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