What Is the process of buying a puppy from Cedar Creek Goldendoodles?

This page has answers to the most commonly asked questions about how our process works and how we handle deposits, waiting lists, etc.

F1 Standard Goldendoodles - Starting at $2500

F1b Standard Goldendoodles - Starting at $2700

F1bb Mini Goldendoodles - Starting at $2700

When you have made a non-refundable $300 deposit, that will go toward the final price of the puppy.

To join our waiting list for an upcoming litter, you just need to follow a few simple steps;

First, fill out a puppy application.

Once we have read and approved your application, we will email you with confirmation, you can then make a deposit on the litter of your choice.

You will reserve a pick of either females or males.

Our process is a bit different from some breeders just because we want to ensure each puppy goes to the home that is perfect for them and the family getting them!

When you have made a deposit on a litter, whether they are already born or not, you reserve a pick from that litter. So, you could get 1st, 2nd, 3rd pick females or males, but you do not reserve a certain puppy and then at 6 weeks old, when they have received their first vaccinations, you can come visit and choose your puppy then, based off of personality traits. 

Then, when the puppy is 8 weeks old, you can come pick him/her up and take them home with you! 

We can also deliver up to 30 miles for free, contact us for pricing on delivery over 30 miles.

Congratulations!! You got a puppy! Now comes all the fun new things you have to learn about having a new puppy in your home!

This segment will contain info on everything you need to do and everything you need to have before your puppy comes home with you!!

- Puppy-Proofing Your Home

- What to Buy

- After Puppy Is Home


    Puppy-Proofing Your Home
Everyone has heard of "baby-proofing" your home, and since your newest furry family member is just like a baby, you'll need to do the same thing for them!

Let's start from the bottom; Wires

  Puppies are inquisitive and always curious what that strange, hanging thing really is, so you are going to need to hide or cover all wires and cords that are within reach of your puppy. Simply keep them out of reach of your puppy and unplug any cords that are not being used and put them away.


Keep ALL chemicals out of your puppies reach at all times! If you have chemicals out for cleaning, such as bleach, make sure your puppy is in their crate or someone is watching them the entire time. 

You should always have your toilet lid closed as pups for some reason love to drink from a toilet, but if you have an automatic cleaner attached, pay extra attention to ensure the lid is closed, as many cleaners have extremely dangerous chemicals for your puppy. 

Personal Belongings

Puppies have growing teeth and need to be chewing on something most of the time, and so much of that time they will be finding whatever is the first thing they see. Shoes should be put up either on a shelf or in a container, or in your closet, pillows should always be kept on your bed/couch and never in reach of your puppy. If you ever see them chewing on any furniture quickly replace it with a toy that they can chew on. Puppies learn TO do something quicker than they will learn NOT to do things, so if you teach them to grab a rubber toy when they need to busy their teeth, they will catch on quicker.


If a puppy catches a sniff of last night's leftovers they are bound to try to get some of it, and may end up swallowing something that could potentially be very dangerous for them. Just ensure that a full trash bag always goes straight from the can to outside in the dumpster.


Puppies will want to at least bite and taste every new thing they see, and often times there are houseplants that look appetizing for them. There are several extremely dangerous plants that are commonly kept in your home, check out the ASPCA's list on toxic houseplants for more info.

What To Buy

Getting a new puppy is extremely exciting and your first instinct is to run to the pet store and buy the entire toy section. So we made this list to help you with deciding what exactly you really need and what all we recommend for what you want.

1. Food

Your puppy is currently eating Showtime Puppy Food, we buy from a local feed store but if it is more convenient for you, you can switch them to any high quality dog food that you can get from a chain retailer like Petco. We recommend Purina Pro Plan Focus.

2. Food/Water Bowls

We recommend stainless steel water and food bowls, which you can get from Amazon. We also think that these raised feeders for them are so cute!

3. Crate

We have used for years and have loved the Midwest Homes for Pets crates. We recommend getting a larger crate like the 42 inch, and using the divider so the puppy doesn't have too much room until they are big enough for the whole crate. A crate should always be just big enough for the puppy to turn around in comfortably and sit without their head touching the top of the crate. If you have a crate that is too large, a puppy may designate one side as the potty area and another as the sleeping area, when you want the entire crate to be sleeping area. A puppy will not urinate in their nest, which will be their crate.

4. Bed

You should have a flat, crate mat and a bigger comfy bed for when they're not in the crate. We recommend buying the Midwest Crate Bed, it fits perfectly in the crate and they are so easy to wash in the washing machine. 

5. Collar/Harness

The Blueberry Pet collars and harnesses are so CUTE and such great quality! Plus you can get a matching collar/harness and leash set. We also highly recommend Flexi leashes! They work great when you want to be able to give your pup a little more freedom but still able to have a handle on them.

6. Flea/Tick treatment

We have used for years and highly recommend Revolution flea and tick solution. It is a topical solution and it works wonders for all of our dogs! We live around a ton of pine trees so fleas and ticks are rampant around here, but Revolution keeps everything under control so that we never even find any fleas or ticks on our puppies or momma dogs. Another great thing about Revolution is that it is a 5 in 1, it controls, 1. Fleas, 2. Ticks, 3. Heartworm, 4. Ear Mites, 5. Sarcoptic Mange.

7. ID Tag

These Tags on Amazon are so cute!! And they hold up really well, we have some and my sister has a few and we just love them!!

8.Dog Treats

Your puppy is currently eating Zuke's all natural peanut butter treats, but we also recommend the Wellness puppy treats. Our puppies love both of them and they are also healthy!

9. Grooming Supplies

Your goldendoodle puppy should not shed much if any so that means their coat will need to be regularly maintained by you and groomed about every 6 weeks. 

- You should brush your dog daily, we recommend running a comb through their coat regularly and if there are any knots we recommend using a slicker brush.

- We love these nail clippers, how often you need to trim their nails varies between each dog. Usually about every 2 weeks is plenty.

- We use and LOVE the Earthbath puppy shampoo! You can order it from Amazon or find it in most pet stores. You should bathe your puppy once every 3 weeks, or as necessary. You don't want to over-bathe your pup as that will strip their skin of essential oils and dry out their coat.






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