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Our Story

We are Valerie and Trent Murray, we started breeding Goldendoodles in 2019 but our story starts long before then. It all started when I (Valerie) was 7 years old! Yes, 7!

My sister started breeding Maltipoos and I would always go to her house and play with the puppies and I got to watch so many litters being born at such a young age, the foundation already being laid for my future. I got my very own toy poodle when I was 9, Bella, and she was a momma dog for my sister's business. Which meant I got to be there for everything, I had puppies in my princess room, I learned what to look for when Bella was going into labor. It was something that I enjoyed and I knew I wanted in my future. If you come to pick up your puppy and you see the little apricot poodle that sticks next to me like glue, that's Bella.

I met goldendoodles when I was maybe 15 and I just fell in love! I met Trent in 2017, he had a huge love for dogs and wasn't scared away when I said I wanted to breed, so in 2019, just before our wedding we bought three golden retrievers and we started this journey together. We have learned SO much since then and we still learn every day! When you're holding the life of these precious puppies in your hands it is a learning experience every day. We raise our puppies using a curriculum called BAB. I have details about that on our Raising BAB Puppies page. We have started using the BAB protocol with our puppies to raise the standards of goldendoodle breeders everywhere and to provide you with the best, most stable and well trained puppy you can get!

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