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We've got puppies!!

We've got puppies!!

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Purchase process

Waiting List

To join our waiting list you will first need to fill out a puppy application, once you've received an email back confirming that you were approved, you can then make a deposit on the litter of your choice. You will get 1st/2nd/3rd etc pick of your chosen gender.

Once the litter is born, we will send photos and we will send weekly pupdates as they get older. When they turn 6 weeks old, you will get to come out and meet all the puppies and make your choice on which puppy you would like. 

Then, when they are 8 weeks old, you can come and pick up your puppy! 

Our training protocols

We use BAB curriculum with our puppies, for more info on that, click the button below

Collars, dog bowls, and chew toys, oh my!

I've compiled a little list of products I love and we use for our puppies. 
There are also links on most to make things easier.




Potty Training


Other Essentials

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds

Ready Now!

J O S I E  +  W I N S T O N

Josie had puppies on May 11th, both parents are health tested, there's a few still available! These puppies are $2500

For more info, follow the link below