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Josie's "Freedom" Litter has arrived!!


Josie had 7 gorgeous goldendoodle puppies on May 11th, starting around midnight and lasted until past 8 o'clock. She did wonderful as usual, and all the puppies are healthy and gaining weight quick! We are obsessed with the colors from this litter, but I'll have photos in a little bit. First, let's talk about why we choose the names for this litter.

They will be ready around 4th of July and so, with that knowledge we went with a Freedom theme for this litter. The first name, the chocolate puppy, was Freedom and we have decided we're going to be calling him "Fred" for short. With that in mind, Independence is Indy, and Sparklynn is Sparky.

We always love Josie's puppies because they have more poodle in them than most of our other puppies, and that makes them so easy to train when they're with us and when they go to their new homes.

Plus, they will not shed, like at all. Which I know for a lot of homes is a very big win. Their curls are just barely popping out at this age but they look so adorable!!

Speaking of adorable, let's get to their photos.

Freedom is the only chocolate puppy from this litter and the only chocolate puppy we've had thus far. We are obsessed with this color and really hoped when we paired Josie and Winston that they would throw a chocolate and he was the first one born! He's got a long white mark down his chest that looks so so cute!

Current weight: 1 lbs

Time of Birth: 12:30 AM

Indy is so so cute! She is black with white markings, she's got a big white spot on her chest. She reminds me of Winston already.

Time of birth: 12:50am

Current weight: 1 lb 6 oz

Liberty was the 3rd born and has such a cute nose! She also has a white spot on her chest, hopefully next week I'll be able to get a good photo of it.

Current weight: 1 lb 5 oz

Patriot is the middle child, number 4 out of 7, he arrived at 4:45 AM. He is the only apricot from this litter, and I just know he's going to be so curly already!

Current weight: 1 lb 6 oz

Sparklynn is the 4th born, she arrived at 4:30 AM, she's the only parti colored female and she is so so pretty! I love her colors!

Current weight: 1 lb 1 oz

Washington is our tiny pup from this litter, he's not exactly a runt because he's thriving and gaining weight very quickly but he's definitely the smallest, still under 1 lb but he has got fight and we've not had to supplement him at all. He's a beautiful red and white parti color.

Time of birth: 7:45 AM

Current weight: 14 oz

July is a light apricot and white parti color, she was born at 8:20 AM and she was the last one born. Once she was born, I cleaned her up, checked Josie to make sure she was all done and took a nap. Phew I was exhausted!

Current weight: 1 lb 6 oz

to check out every picture I got of these babies, and for more info, go to their page on our website at Josie + Winston's litter

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